What delivery Method is important to you?

by Doug Peacock – Academic Services Officer II at Wayne State University Like a pizza, college can be delivered in many different ways. Traditional, cohort, online, extension centers, accelerated, university centers, and hybrids (my favorite). Am I missing any? The expanded formats can be good options for some to complete their degree after transferring. HereContinue reading “What delivery Method is important to you?”

I already know this stuff – do I have to go to Orientation?

by Kathryn Rawlings – Associate Director New Student Orientation – Wayne State University Congratulations on your admission to Wayne State University! Next stop? Orientation! The most common question (and sometimes statement) I hear from incoming transfer students is “Do I have to go to Orientation? What happens if I don’t?” Answer part 1: Yes youContinue reading “I already know this stuff – do I have to go to Orientation?”

So long MACRAO!

The original MACRAO transfer agreement is prepared to sunset this month. Replaced by The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) in 2014. These two worked as simultaneous transfer options until now. Thankfully, now we only one transfer agreement, I have some final thoughts on MACRAO vs. MTA. First off. MACRAO was good. Some students could get byContinue reading “So long MACRAO!”

Academic Impressions Conference in New Orleans

In December I attended the Academic Impressions conference in New Orleans on transfer student retention. I was excited to get to New Orleans and meet some people with similar roles as I. During the conference I picked up that most schools face similar challenges as far as recruitment and retention of transfer student. Community CollegesContinue reading “Academic Impressions Conference in New Orleans”

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