So long MACRAO!

The original MACRAO transfer agreement is prepared to sunset this month. Replaced by The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) in 2014. These two worked as simultaneous transfer options until now. Thankfully, now we only one transfer agreement, I have some final thoughts on MACRAO vs. MTA.

First off. MACRAO was good. Some students could get by with MACRAO without taking a math. Big selling point to some. You now have to take two sciences and a math. With MACRAO, you could get by with eight credits of Science. The biggest problem with MACRAO was it’s name. No one knew what MACRAO was. What is MACRAO? It is the Michigan Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers? Now deemed the MTA is is much more clear to students on what it is. FYI, MACRAO the group is still alive in well. I will be attending the MACRAO summer summit in June. Besides the name, the biggest problem with the MTA was that 4-year schools were not accepting it as it should and covering general education courses. Schools were doing part of their gen-eds or certain sections of the gen-eds. MTA is more streamline. It is easier to follow. It is good! It will continue to help many students just like MACRAO did.

I will discuss more about MTA in upcoming posts. Especially when I speak about 4-year transfers.

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In my role I get to have conversations with all types of transfer student. I also get to observe the transfer experience. I started this blog to communicate some of my conversations as a transfer advisor and as a transfer student myself. I will try to communicate some of the questions and mistakes transfer students make/have. Hopefully this blog helps the next transfer student.

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