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What is the Wayne Advantage-Macomb program? Is it an articulation? Is it Direct Admit? What’s the advantage? I came to Wayne State in 2016 to coordinate this dual enrollment program between WSU and Macomb Community College. I believe the intentions of this agreement was to be a direct admit program to Wayne State. I do see interest in this program as a direct admit. But, the most interest I have had is from students to use WA-Macomb as an advising and registration tool. I spent my first year at Wayne State clearing up many of the misconceptions of how a consortium program like this works.

WA-Macomb allows students to take classes at both institutions during the semester. Keeping their access to WSU even if a student decides to leave WSU completely for a term. This also Allows a student to split financial aid between two schools and save on tuition with Macomb’s rates.

The best way to describe Wayne Advantage-Macomb is that is a single admissions/dual enrollment program. WA-Macomb can be used with your transfer plan, associates degree, guest pass, or articulation agreement. Students use this program at many different times whether it’s coming in as a freshman, starting at WSU and going back to Macomb, or deciding to start the transfer process a little earlier than normal. Furthermore, WA-Macomb is great tool for advisors. This program keeps your access to Wayne State. Which keeps your access to your academic advisor at Wayne State. Wayne State uses appointment setting software called AdvisingWorks. A student can continue to make appointments with your WSU advisor. This is a transfer plan in Overdrive!!

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In my role I get to have conversations with all types of transfer student. I also get to observe the transfer experience. I started this blog to communicate some of my conversations as a transfer advisor and as a transfer student myself. I will try to communicate some of the questions and mistakes transfer students make/have. Hopefully this blog helps the next transfer student.

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