I already know this stuff – do I have to go to Orientation?

by Kathryn Rawlings – Associate Director New Student Orientation – Wayne State University

Congratulations on your admission to Wayne State University! Next stop? Orientation!

The most common question (and sometimes statement) I hear from incoming transfer students is “Do I have to go to Orientation? What happens if I don’t?”

Answer part 1: Yes you do.

Answer part 2: Your face falls off.

Just kidding about part 2. Your face won’t actually fall off if you don’t attend an orientation session. But you will miss out on a lot of information. Information that

We designed the program with you in mind. We KNOW you’ve already attended some college or university in your lifetime. We KNOW you know things like the importance of your student ID and that you should be checking that Wayne State email account at least once or twice a week before you start classes.

But, did you know that our transfer students come in with an average of 56 transferable credit hours?

With that information alone, we created a career block during the Orientation program. You can already see the light at the end of the tunnel so you need to get plugged in to our career offices and support programs for those of you considering one of our professional programs.

The first-year students don’t get that piece at Orientation.

You also know that there are resources on campus to support your transition and success here. We just want you to know what they’re called here at WSU so you can quickly access them.

Transferring from Macomb? You may have worked with the Special Services office there. At Wayne State, you should work with the Student Disability Services office.

Transferring from Washtenaw Community College? You may have worked with the Career Transitions office there. At Wayne State, you could work with Career Services, Career Planning and Placement or Engineering Career Services. OR you could work with our Pre-med and Health Center.

Transferring from any institution? You’ll have to access our parking and transportation in a different way.

Finally, we see that our transfer students want to make new friends and connect with other students. Are you going to do a cheesy icebreaker? Probably not. But we do want you to meet other incoming students who may also be in your classes. Just so you know you’re not alone – in fact, more than 1,700 transfer students attended orientation during the 2019 academic year.

So do yourself a favor and invest a few hours on one day to learn more about the university where you’ll be spending lots of time and money (we’ve got a Starbucks, afterall). Our Orientation Leaders will be there and are current students who can answer loads of questions about Wayne State – the resources, the culture and, of course, the food!

Reserve your spot online at wayne.edu/orientation. I’ll see you on campus soon!

Katie Rawlings is the Associate Director of New Student Orientation at Wayne State University

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In my role I get to have conversations with all types of transfer student. I also get to observe the transfer experience. I started this blog to communicate some of my conversations as a transfer advisor and as a transfer student myself. I will try to communicate some of the questions and mistakes transfer students make/have. Hopefully this blog helps the next transfer student.

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