First Semester. First Year. Now what?

So, you decided to start at a community college. I am currently meeting with a lot of students that are in their first semester at a community college and want to get an early start on transfer planning.  Here are some tips you should know when in your first semester at a community college. I was going to make this a quick read. But, I have been meeting with so many transfer students that graduated from high school last spring I ended up with a lot more than I anticipated.  Enjoy the blog!

Am I taking the right courses?  There is very little you can be doing wrong right now as far as transferring your courses in first semester.  Keep it simple your first year.  General Education and pre-requisites are fine. 

I tested poorly and have to do some pre-requisites. You may have had to take some pre-requisites. This is no problem. It may put you back a little when you graduate. The important item is to be in the correct classes to get you into the classes you need.  

Do I need to decide on my transfer school right now?  No. I get students that want to transfer early. I am not a big fan of this.  The transfer process can usually give you at least 1-2 years of transfer credits. Some students want to transfer for winter semester with only 1 semester complete at their 2-year school.   This is far too early.   This is going to depend on what you major in. Secondary Admissions (Nursing, Pre-Med, Pre-Health) might want you to transfer early.

When should I apply to my 4-year school?  The application will usually open up about a year prior to you starting classes.  MAKE SURE TO APPLY TO THE YEAR YOU PLAN TO ATTEND YOUR FIRST CLASS AT YOUR NEXT SCHOOL.

Meet with your 2-year advisors.  Finally. Continue to meet with your 2-year school advisor and check in at the 4-year school.  Understand the Transfer Guide you are following.  Your advisor will do their best to get you where you want to go!

College Search Round 2?  It is not too late to do a college search, so if you want to start to visit some of your schools now is a great to at a second chance at this!  You will find you are not the only transfer student on tour.  Don’t let the letter jackets in attendance make you feel you are too old! You are right where you want to be.

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In my role I get to have conversations with all types of transfer student. I also get to observe the transfer experience. I started this blog to communicate some of my conversations as a transfer advisor and as a transfer student myself. I will try to communicate some of the questions and mistakes transfer students make/have. Hopefully this blog helps the next transfer student.

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